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        中文版    |   English   Tel:086-512-63008826
        About Us
        Huajian Glass, Our glass has been exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union, the U.S.A. and other regions.

        Suzhou Huajian Glass co.,Ltd is conveniently located in south Suzhou at #579 PangNan Road of Wujiang Eco . Develop.Zone. It is only minutes from Wujiang Exit of SuJiangHang highway, with direct connection to Highway HuNing, SuHu,HuSuZhe then easily link to the whole country.
        Company profile Development history HONOR Equipment
        The main products as following Tempered/Heat-Strengthened Glass, Heat-bending Tempered Glass, Screen Printing/Painted Crystal/Painting Glass, Insulating Glass, Laminated Glass, Fire-resistant Glass/ Bullet resistant glass, Coated Glass, Low-E Glass.
        Huajian Glass Co.,Ltd advocate: "quality first, credibility supremacy , continuous improvement, customer satisfaction".

        Besides regular products for construction and industrial applications, Huajian Glass focuses on the enhancement of production capacity.

        — Cutting-edge technology — — High safety — — Leading brand — — Quality assurance — — Team — — Customer service —
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